Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cupcake's Fondue Party

I actually threw this Cupcake Fondue Party for my husband's family. We had been affectionately calling our baby "Cupcake" since we found out we were pregnant. It just made sense...I'm a baker and we hated referring to our baby as "it" for the first five months.
Finally, March arrived and we were on our way to the big ultrasound. Wanting to tell the whole family together, we begged them to wait until that evening and kept it a secret all day long! We celebrated with a large assortment of "Cupcakes," fruit, dippings and toppings! The toppings included rainbow sprinkles, coconut, nonpareils, pecans and maraschino cherries.
In order to capture what each family member was predicting, we created cards for them to write their guesses on. Here's just a few of the predictions!
The party was a great way to celebrate "Cupcake" and create fun family memories!
Oh! You wanted to know too???
Cupcake's a girl!
And if she grows up to be a baker like me, her nickname will be perfectly befitting!

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